mercredi 29 septembre 2010

Idea - "unprocessed film" exchange

"Idea - "unprocessed film" exchange

OK, this may sound strange...

Everyone is paired off with someone who is "format compatable".

The participants shoot 2 identical (short) rolls of film (or 2 sheets) of the same subject - all shot at the exact same exposure and composition, subject of shooters choice. The shooter processes one roll or sheet, then sends the other roll or sheet unprocessed to another member. The recipient then soups the film in the chemistry of their own choice. Each person then makes 2 identical prints using their own method of choice, one of which is then sent back to the shooter for comparison.

In the end, each person winds up with 2 different prints of their subject, 2 different prints of their partners subject.

Of course, a couple of other ground rules would have to be set, but I think it might be a lot of fun.

Sound good, or is this just an asinine idea and I'm just crazy?

Source: APUG Forum (Analog Photography Users Group)

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