lundi 15 novembre 2010

John Max / des photos du Japon jamais developpees

"(...) Le Canadien John Max, qui a vécu au Japon et y a abondamment photographié, n’a jamais développé ses films… (...)"

Source: email

"(...) Although John Max is an important (and somehow mysterious) figure in the history of Canadian photography, one does not encounter his work very often. Principally known for his Open Passport, his work has not been shown a lot since and he has been accumulating not only thousands of rolls of film (of which who knows how many are still undeveloped) (...)"

Source: Louis Perreault, John Max at Montreal’s FIFA

"(...) He left Montreal for Japan in 1974, a photographer with a growing reputation for his intimate, generous, often gentle portraits of an era. (...) the Canada Council gave Max a $25,000 grant. It was enough for him to spend nearly five years in Japan, where he lived, Monk says, "in a renovated chicken coop on a farm. He had no lab, no anything. The big worry was that he'd got all these photographs in garbage bags, and they'd be thrown out by mistake." (...) When Max came back to Montreal in 1979, he was convinced that he had taken some of the best pictures of his life. (...)"

Source: Montreal Gazette

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