vendredi 19 novembre 2010

Revenir au temps d'avant la photo ?

"Resensitising film?
Hey, I have a theoretical question in regards to my research towards my final project in film school.
After I have shot some black and white film, and say developed it (but not fixed, and still in dark tank), is there a way to chemically remove the latent image, or to 'reset' the silver to it's original state, so that in theory I can dry the film in the dark and then use it to shoot something?
How about after toning? Or bleaching (but no fixing - ie: converting to silver bromide but no removal of silver from the film)? (...)"

Source: APUG

"How long to leave incorrectly flashed paper
I'm an idiot.
Last night while dealing with other frustrating issues in the darkroom I preflashed 10 sheets of Ilford WarmTone FB 8x10 at grade 1, or did I? Ahhh!
I left the filter out giving the paper about twice the exposure of a preflash. Given the relatively low level of the exposure, even with the filter out, do you think it would be safe to wait a week, let the latent image dissapear, and then do the preflash again and use the paper? (...)"

Source: APUG

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